Environmental Communication

Because of our increasingly frenetic work activity, it becomes almost natural to try to save time by taking it away from all those actions that appear to lead to a foregone conclusion. Among these actions, that we frequently belittle, the explanation of what constitutes our work is often completely sacrificed, this mainly because it is wrongly deemed of no use. We are so involved and committed in our job that, sometimes, we assume that everybody know all details referred to our activity. Nevertheless, over past years we realized how difficult it is to communicate and inform people about our job without our help. This is true also for people that already know us or living within the Tuscan Leather District. Not only for these reasons, but also being aware of people's satisfaction when firtsly visit the WWTP comprehending its functioning, we decided to improve our committment in communication, starting from schools. The most evident oputcome of our efforts in this issue is the increasing number of children that follow the didactics of "La Tartaruga", participating to the Open Days of the plant and to every occurrence that we plan henceforth. According to these initiatives and to our good intentions, we are glad to answer to whoever wants to contact us for information or details about our activities.