We are very pleased to greet the publication of our new website. This new virtual space has many targets, becoming increasingly important. First of all, we would like to enjoy with you an evolving "window" capable to bring outside the updates about the plant evolution. We are now in the middle of a relevant transformation period which will bring noticeable changes to the plant asset and arrangement. Due to this we would like to let you all follow  our done and future construction works, day-by-day, as a virtual construction site. A specific area of the website will be fully dedicated to updating about works in progress inside Consorzio Aquarno. We would gladly give also a recognition to all foreign delegations that every years come to visit Aquarno. They often come from countries very far from Italy, facing long expensive and tiring travels, just for the purpose of comparing their individual situation to our knowledge, that arose from long time experience. All previous meetings were very interesting, not only for the astonishment of our guests looking at what we have done, but also for their requests of collaborations about some critical issues related to more specific technical problems. All people that came to visit us from the Far East, as well as from India, Africa or Latin America, were aware to deal with a Subject that had given probably the most environmentally sustainable solution to the depollution of tannery wastewater. Finally another relevant section of the website will be dedicated to all works made by the students who  visit the wastewater treatment  plant every year. In that virtual area, all that works which cannot be emphasized during the awarding day at the end of the scholastic iter, due to their size or transport impedements, will be exposed .



Because of our increasingly frenetic work activity, it becomes almost natural to try to save time by taking it away from all those actions that appear to lead to a foregone conclusion. Among these actions, that we frequently belittle, the explanation of  what constitutes our work is often completely sacrificed, this mainly because it is wrongly deemed of no use....


With a view to inform an increasing number of citizens about how the wastewater treatment plant works, we are pleased to repeat the open day occurrence, in 2016. We gladly invite whoever is interested in participating to the event and to meet us during the World Water Day on 19th March, 2016...




The DepurAquArno project arises from the collaboration between Consorzio Aquarno and Associazione La Tartaruga, with the aim of continuing the positive and good relationship developed between Aquarno and local schools, and involving the larger area of Basso Valdarno. The project, which celebrates its tenth edition this years, promotes an informative campaign about the wastewater depuration within the Valdarno Inferiore area, for the purpose of favouring an increase of respecting of water resources.