Water Day 2015

A new strand includes three independent sectors, parts of a new pool of first rain, able to increase the overall functionality and capacity of the treatment plant Aquarno: this is one of the next steps that, in the work for the "Agreement program", will cover the Aquarno treatment plant.To illustrate it the director of a treatment plant, Nicola Andreanini, during the event "Walking around the Aquarno" that has seen Saturday, March 21 the Aquarno purifier open to visits of citizens and students to celebrate the World Water Day .Presents for the occasion, representatives of business and local institutions. "Thanks to the expertise gained over the years in the field of water purification-says President Assoconciatori Franco Donati- we are now at the center of a further industrial growth, the one connected to the work for the Tubone, that the water his beating heart, an ambitious project in the water rearrangement of a wide geographic area of ​​Tuscany starts right from our know-how and expertise that this tanning district is able to express with regard to industrial wastewater treatment".